Linux Media Delivery System

What is LMDS?

Linux Media Delivery System - (LMDS) is an automated deployment script, that will build your server instance in minutes. Take a look at how easy it is to set up your own LMDS server here.

LMDS can be your easy way to start using Docker, deploy, host and manage your own applications stack just by click of a button. Deployment script will do all the initial configuration without you knowing much about Docker. But I am sure, by having the server successfully running for a while, you will grow interest in learning Docker anyway as a side effect - be careful.

LMDS is designed to function as a multimedia server that operates continuously in your home. The script can automatically install the applications listed below, but you also have the flexibility to add any other applications that have a Docker image available. LMDS is an open solution that functions as a framework to help you get started with Docker and Docker-compose. You can customize and enhance it by adding or removing containers of your choice, which you can do easily and quickly.

Visit our FAQ section for answers to common questions. Step-by-step guides are available for tasks such as:

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LMDS components:

LMDS can help you manage all your multimedia files, including TV shows, movies, and music. It works with files stored on your local device or a network share. Once you've completed the initial deployment, You can manage all applications easily through the web interface.

LMDS beginning.

The LMDS Project started in 2018 as the Linux Download System (LDS). It was a bash script designed to automate deployment of a few essential services. You can still find older scripts under the Download section of the website. These native scripts were written specifically for certain operating systems, such as Raspbian Buster or OSMC (Open Source Media Center).

LMDS now.

The COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 prompted me to rethink LDS, leading to the creation of LMDS. I decided to use Docker and Docker-compose as a framework for this project going forward. I started using GitHub for easier CI/CD. Docker allowed me to expand LMDS's services and make their maintenance and deployment easier.

Current deployment scripts will automatically update, install, and configure all necessary components for your LMDS server.

There are some additional functions in the menu that you might like, and while this project is maintained, I might add some more in the future.

LMDS is designed to prompt you when a new version is available and provides an easy way to update - at least this is my intention.


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