Linux Media Delivery System

What is LMDS?

Linux Media Delivery System - (LMDS for short) is an automated deployment script, that will build your own server instance in minutes. Take a look how easy is to setup your own LMDS server here.

LMDS can be your easy way to start using Docker, deploy, host and manage your own application stack just with the click of a button. Deployment scripts will do all the initial configuration of the server without you knowing much about Docker. But I am sure, by having the server successfully running for a while, you will grow interest in learning Docker anyway as a side effect - be careful.

LMDS is primarily dedicated to be a multimedia server running 24/7 in your home. Applications you will see listed below can be installed automatically by the script, but you can also add any others, if you have a docker image for them. LMDS is not a closed solution, it is more of a framework that will get you started with Docker and Docker-compose but then you can extend it with other containers of your choice, adding or removing them on the fly.

Answers to the most often asked questions can be found in FAQ section of this site. Step by step instructions cover tasks like:

and more...

LMDS Project components:

LMDS can organize all your multimedia files such as - TV shows, movies and music, stored locally or on a network share, it can also keep track of all new releases in the future. After initial deployment is done, all the applications can be accessed and configured over Web UI through the browser.

LMDS beginning.

LMDS Project has begun in 2018 as (LDS - Linux Download System) it was a native bash script that automated deployment of couple essential services. Older scripts can still be found under Download section of this site. Native scripts were written to work with specific operating system in mind i.e. Raspbian Buster or OSMC (Open Source Media Center)

LMDS now.

Year 2020 and its COVID lockdowns encouraged me to rethink LDS and this is how LMDS was born. I decided to use Docker and Docker-compose as a framework around which I will be building this project going forward. I also started to use GitHub for easier CI/CD - what seems to work great so far. Docker allowed me to expand amount of services LMDS can offer and make it easier to maintain and deploy.

Current deployment scripts will take care of all the updating, installing and configuring necessary components that will make your own LMDS server.

There are some additional functions in the menu that you might like and while this project is maintained, I might add some more in the future.

LMDS is designed to prompt you when new version is available and provides easy way for updating - at least this is my intention.


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