I’ve been working in the IT industry for over 10 years now, currently as Enterprise Storage Engineer in one of the international corporations.

Working with various storage products requires me to be familiar with many aspects of the IT infrastructure components and technologies:

  • Virtualization - VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Containerization - Docker and Docker-Compose
  • Cloud - Azure
  • Hardware - physical servers and switches
  • Software - Windows Servers, VMware and Linux
  • Networking - Fibre Channel, iSCSI and Ethernet
  • Software Development - GitHub
  • Programming - HTML/CSS, PHP, Bash

SAN storage solutions pushed me to understand basic RAID concepts and more abstract virtualized implementations of storage redundancy like LVMs, fluid data movement, dynamic tiering, deduplication and compression mechanisms.

SAN infrastructure always involves networking, starting from basic subnetting, routing and switching, ending up with Fibre Channel and iSCSI network configuration, where zoning or VLANs play a big role. SAN storage always involves host connectivity including standalone or clustered servers and their operating systems configuration like VMware and Hyper-V, sometimes you can get something rare like HPUX or Solaris too.

Working with SAN storage often require specific knowledge about their interconnectivity, data replication and disaster recovery, where all that is always based on solid fundamentals of general aspect of networking, system configuration and some of the knowledge about application services like SQL or SAP.

Sometime before my current position I had a pleasure to work as an Information Services Manager in pharmaceutical industry. Management role exposed me to more organizational aspects of IT as a part of the business. I had a chance to manage relatively small team of engineers, driving IT projects initiated by the business needs. I was managing day to day IS department operations following ITIL methodology, implementing it in real life while improving business continuity.

I was always keener to focus on technicality of the problem rather than at management aspects and this is why I changed my work profile for less glorious in its name but little more interesting while getting more hands-on approach on technology.

I created this site mainly as a place where I can keep some of my private adventures with software, it is also a platform for some basic coding that I do in my spare time. Please be kind to my code as I am not a programmer but more like a DevOps engineer - I hope what I created here is working for you.

Keep exploring....

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