First Home Lab Hardware

Home Lab Hardware

To build Home Lab server we need something power efficiant, small and relatively modern. We would need something with three NICs. CPU vise - any PC made in last 10 years should be ok. 8GB of RAM would be a minimum - 32GB would be nice. We would need a minimum of 256GB SSD as a boot drive and some additional bigger HDD for NAS data later.

Hardware required

  • 3 x NIC, ideally Intel ones
  • SATA SSD or NVME boot drive 256GB will be enough but more is better
  • Additional 3.5 inch drive - any size, bigger then better.

I would not recommend a laptop due to limited expandability but apart from that any desktop PC will be ok. Check some cheap Dell Optiplexes or Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops, add a dual NIC card and some hard drive into it and for a few bucks you will have a Home Lab server.

My exact hardware:

OptiPlex 3060 Small Form Factor
CPU - Intel Core i5-8500
RAM - 8GB DDR4 2666MHz Non-ECC
NIC - On board 1GbE Network Card
NIC - Intel E1G42ETBLK 1GbE Dual Port Network Card

Siro ONT Unit

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