How to backup and restore LMDS?

There are two ways to backup LMDS:

  • Local backup - stores backup on the SD card only
  • Local + Google Drive sync backup - stores backup on SD card and on Google Drive

Both ways of backing up incorporate only LMDS configuration. Backup file created during this process do not include any media files. Media files should be kept separately on external drive or network share. Backup files are tiny and in case of SD card failure LMDS configuration is all what you need, all the containers will be pulled from the internet where all what you need is to apply previous config from backup, the same is true in case of restoring config to fresh Raspbian installation. Local backup is great in protecting you against misconfiguration, restore will wipe all unfortunate changes you made so you do not have to configure all from scratch.

I strongly recommend configuring backup with option to sync to Google Drive via rsync, this way SD card failure wont be a problem.

How to backup LMDS?

While you inside LMDS folder run:


If you would like to backup files locally choose Backup LMDS if you also would like to use Google Drive for backup syncing select Install rclone and configure (gdrive) for backup. You can start with local backup and later on install and configure rclone if you wish.

If you decide to install rclone and configure gdrive, system will install rclone and require you to run rclone config in order to create a gdrive which will be used for Google Drive syncing. Make sure you give it a name of gdrive, LMDS will only work with that particular remote name, no other.

When rclone is installed run

rclone config

and then doo as follows:

[Copy link from SSH console and paste it into the browser]
[Login to your google account]
[Copy token from Google and paste it into the SSH console]

When rclone is configured run ./ again and choose Backup LMDS. If all is configured properly your backup files should be inside ~/LMDS/LMDSBackups/ and also visible on your Google Drive inside folder called LMDSBackups

If you would like to migrate your LMDS to another Pi or to fresh Raspbian installation, make sure you have your backup files synced with Google Drive first.

How to restore or migrate LMDS?

In order to restore LMDS you would need a backup file inside ~/LMDS/LMDSBackups/. If you restoring to previously backed up system, you already should have some backup files available. If you however migrating LMDS to freshly imaged SD card you would need to pull backup files from Google Drive, for that do following:

  • install git sudo apt-get install git
  • clone LMDS git clone ~/LMDS
  • run script ~/LMDS/
  • install rclone and configure gdrive as shown above
  • run Restore LMDS from the menu

This process will deploy all the containers you had before using their previous configuration details, theoretically it should be all configured as before.

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