EarnApp on ARM with Docker

EarnApp Raspberry Pi EarnApp on Raspberry PI can give a little income. This is another application that will use your Internet bandwidth to generate some profit. Do not expect to earn much from it, some might even say it is not even worth to try, but as an app running in the background it will get you some income after some time.

How you earn and what to expect?

I integrated EarnApp deployment with LMDS stack, together with all what is needed to run this app as a container on ARM chip. I’m going to show you how to deploy and configure EarnApp on Raspberry PI so you can earn around 2-5$ per month just for running the container as any others.

Let’s be clear here, this application isn’t going to make you rich or pay your bills. But if you have a Pi lying around, a flat bandwidth internet plan and you want to try something new to earn money with, it is worth a shot.

EarnApp is owned by Bright Data Inc, a web data platform helping the industry collect data and analytics.

EarnApp uses your free, unused internet bandwidth for research - so they claim. When a company uses its own internet access, it can get data filtered or affected by its local IP address and geolocation rules. Accessing online resources using different IP addresses helps them check how these services are viewed by other users depending on their location - similar to what VPN does but this is on a more distributed scale.

I’m going to use a Raspberry PI 3B as this is the one I run LMDS on 24/7. This tutorial will work on any Raspberry PI computer board with Internet connectivity. I would strongly recommend to use 64bit Raspbian not 32bit one. Please note that Raspberry PI Pico is a microcontroller (not a computer), so it won’t work on this one.

How to deploy the EarnApp?

Signup to EarnApp

Go to EarnApp and register your account. Please register with an email address that you use with PayPal to get your money transferred later. You can register with a Google Account to get an integrated sign-in authentication with the app. If you do not want to use your main email address for this registration, use different one but add it to PayPal later - I believe PayPal account can associate three different emails with one account.You have only to get your account created so that after the installation on Raspberry PI is done you’ll use a terminal generated link to register your device in EarnApp dashboard.

Please note that you will be asked to accept EarnApp terms during installation.

Deploy LMDS

If you never used LMDS before, clone it to fresh Raspberry Pi OS. If you already have some containers running under LMDS, skip below and go to next section.

install Git:

sudo apt-get install git

Clone LMDS repository:

git clone https://github.com/GreenFrogSB/LMDS.git ~/LMDS

Do not change name of the folder on your local system, it should stay as is for the script to work properly

Enter the directory and run:

cd ~/LMDS

Deploy EarnApp on Raspberry Pi

At the very beginning you need to Install Docker & Docker-compose if you haven't before. This will take a while, be patient, when done - LMDS will ask you to restart the Pi.

EarnApp on ARM

After Docker is installed and Raspberry Pi is back up and running after reboot, enter LMDS folder, run ./deploy.sh again, this time choosing Earn $ Money with LMDS

EarnApp on ARM

Select: EarnApp - Native Linux App

Then confirm the installation selecting: Yes

Earn with LMDS

Then type: yes and continue the installation.

Earn with LMDS

After installation is completed, copy link generated at the very end and paste it to your browser, this will register your Raspberry Pi node under your account created earlier.

Earn with LMDS

Now, give it some time, day or two and then see how much data it gathered overtime. Beginning might be slow, after you confirm it works under your account, forget about it for some time a week or two then go back and see if is worth it.

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